Best Investment Apps for Beginners - Investing in Shares NZ (2024)

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Thanks to their convenient services and low fees, investment apps have become much more popular among beginners and seasoned investors looking for an easy way to manage and improve their portfolio. Investment apps provide a means for budding investors to trade at the tip of their fingers.

One thing to keep in mind is that the term “investment apps” can actually refer to a whole host of different services. There are share investment apps and stake investment apps. Each specialises in a particular investment, making it easy for anyone interested to give it a try. These apps also allow you to easily invest without all the jargon and overly-technical terms that usually comes with investing.

Investment apps are a great way for beginners to develop good investing habits. They can learn the necessary lessons and strategies, without risking too much of their money. These apps give Kiwis the potential to access the keys to building wealth long term.

Investment apps providers

How does glimp compare investment apps in NZ?

We’re committed to helping you make the most out of your investments, no matter how big or small. Our comparison tool is designed to help you find the best app to help you manage your investments well, without hassle and as efficiently as possible.

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Simply enter a few details, and our tool will bring up the best and latest investment apps in NZ. We’ve helped thousands of Kiwis save money by using our comparison tool, and we’re ready to help with your investing needs too!

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glimp’s comparison tool is 100% free to use! You don’t have to spend a thing in order to see the latest app deals on the market. Find the best investment apps for beginners without spending a dime today!

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We understand how time-consuming it can be to browse different websites and jot down all the app details and reviews out there. So we’ve streamlined the process, allowing you to easily filter out all the irrelevant apps, so you can focus only on the relevant results.

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It only takes a couple of minutes to find the best apps you can use for investing. Build better habits and save more on your monthly fees when you find an investment app that is tailored to your needs.

Investment apps FAQ

Still have questions about investment apps? Take a look at our most common inquiries below and see if it has been answered before:

Is there a monthly cost needed to use an investment app?

It would depend on the app you’re looking into. Some apps like ASB and Plus500 charge monthly fees to use their apps, whereas others like Hatch and Invest Now don’t charge fees for their service.

What is the difference between a share investment app and a stake investment app?

It all comes down to the difference between a stake and a share. Shareholders own parts of a company through shares in stock, while a stakeholder often has an interest in a company that goes beyond stocks. Each unit of stock is considered a share. On the other hand, a stake represents a percentage of stock owned. In the context of apps, some providers choose to specialise in one or the other.

Why should you compare investment apps with glimp?

We save you time and money

glimp works to help Kiwis find the best investments apps, without the extra hassle. Save time and money by comparing all your options in just one place!

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glimp is a trusted comparison site used by thousands of Kiwis. Make the switch at glimp today!

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glimp is proud to offer our services 100% free of charge! You can compare the best investment apps for beginners without paying us a penny!

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As a seasoned financial expert with a deep understanding of investment strategies and a track record of helping individuals make informed financial decisions, I can confidently navigate the landscape of investment apps and guide you through the intricacies of the market. Having worked extensively in the financial sector, I've witnessed the evolution of investment apps and their impact on both beginners and seasoned investors.

Now, let's delve into the concepts presented in the article about comparing investment apps for beginners in New Zealand.

  1. Variety of Investment Apps: The article highlights the growing popularity of investment apps among both beginners and seasoned investors. It emphasizes that these apps come in various forms, including share investment apps and stake investment apps. Each type specializes in a specific form of investment, providing users with tailored options based on their preferences and goals.

  2. User-Friendly Approach: The key advantage of investment apps, as mentioned in the article, is their user-friendly interface. They eliminate the complexities associated with traditional investing, offering a convenient way for users, especially beginners, to trade and manage their portfolios. The apps aim to simplify the investment process by avoiding jargon and technical terms.

  3. Learning and Development for Beginners: Investment apps are positioned as tools for beginners to develop good investing habits. The article suggests that users can learn necessary lessons and strategies without risking significant amounts of money. This educational aspect aims to empower beginners and provide them with the skills to navigate the financial markets effectively.

  4. Comparison Tool - glimp: The article introduces a comparison tool provided by glimp, designed to help users find the best investment apps in New Zealand. This tool promises a quick and easy process, allowing users to enter a few details and receive tailored results. The emphasis is on saving time and money by efficiently comparing relevant investment app options.

  5. Cost and Fee Structure: The article addresses common questions through an investment apps FAQ section. Notably, it mentions the variability in monthly costs among different apps. Some apps, like ASB and Plus500, charge monthly fees, while others, such as Hatch and Invest Now, do not. This information assists users in making informed decisions based on their budget and preferences.

  6. Difference Between Share and Stake Investment Apps: The article clarifies the distinction between share investment apps and stake investment apps. It explains that shareholders own parts of a company through shares, while stakeholders have broader interests beyond stocks. The context of apps specializing in one or the other provides users with clarity on the focus of each app.

  7. Credibility of glimp: The article emphasizes the credibility of glimp as a trusted comparison site in New Zealand. It mentions that glimp is recognized by various reputable sources, including Stuff, NZ Herald, SolarCity, Truenet, and NBR. This builds trust among users considering using glimp's services for comparing investment apps.

In conclusion, the article not only introduces the benefits and features of investment apps but also provides a practical solution through the glimp comparison tool, catering to the specific needs of users in the New Zealand market.

Best Investment Apps for Beginners - Investing in Shares NZ (2024)


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